Is it Semi Permanent or Permanent Make up?

permanent or semi permanent makeup

15 Dec Is it Semi Permanent or Permanent Make up?

Many of you that research this treatment still ask if its actually semi or permanent make up, so which is it and are they the same treatments?

The simple answer is yes, they are the same and each business will choose to market their wording based on the popular searches that are received in their area.

However, the only variation to your treatment will depend on the individual pigments that are used, for example when treating eye brows, the pigments will not be the same as tattoo inks, which are permanent. It is important to recognise that as we mature, our skin tone changes in colour, therefore to use a permanent ink, this may look fabulous at the time of your treatment, but many years later, you may wish to alter this. Also, ladies can change their hair colour often and this also makes a big impact on our eyebrows when complimenting these changes.

Pigments are permanently deposited into the skin, but as the skin is exposed to UV rays, the colour will fade over time, normally 12 to 24 months. This is good news as you get the opportunity to discuss and select a new pigment colour each time its due for a boost.

Eyeliners and Lips however are different. As black is commonly used for eyeliners and will not change, then permanent inks can be used which will last much longer than semi permanent. You may still require boosts in the future depending on the intensity desired.

Lips can also be permanent, as your choice in colours are dependable not only on your skin tone but will also compliment your favourite lipsticks you wear daily.

If you wish to know which pigments are used prior to treatment then these are questions you can discuss with your chosen technician at the time of your consultation.

At the Beauty Artist, we use semi permanent for eyebrows and offer either semi permanent or permanent for eyeliners and lips.

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