Semi Permanent Makeup FAQ



What is Permanent Make-Up?

Permanent make up is a cosmetic enhancement that commissions pigment into the dermis (otherwise known as micro pigmentation). A professional remedy specific to eyebrows, eyeliner, eyelash enhancement & lips so that natural colour & definition is restored and saved for future, which best resembles natural make up application.

How long does Permanent Make-Up last?

Due to varying skin types, environmental factors and diet, this will determine how long the colour will last, therefore anything from 1 year to five years. If you are a frequent sun worshiper and sun bed user, then the colour will fade faster due to skin cells dying, however, if you protect against UV then the colour is retained and kept well for longer.


Colour boosts are offered at a discounted rate between 18months to 2years, which is strongly recommended.

Does the end result look natural?

Yes, a healed result looks very natural. All treatments are specifically tailored to ensure exactly this. Acknowledging what is important to you vs. highlighting your own natural lines and colour tones are also key.

What is involved with this type of treatment?

Firstly, a consultation whereby we can both meet in person. An opportunity for you to collate information and more importantly discuss your requirements. This will help us both determine the best and most natural result for you. The treatment itself will involve a gentle deposit of pigment particles into the dermis.

What treatments are available?

Key areas treated are Eyebrows, Lips, Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement. Please refer to ‘treatment’s for full description and options.

What if I can’t have the treatment?

Prior to treatment, a medical consultation form will be completed to ensure there are no contra indications to prevent you from having permanent make up.

Can I drink alcohol prior to treatment?

It is recommended you avoid alcohol the night before your treatment and most importantly on the day. This can affect the overall result in retaining pigment.

What if I’m allergic to the pigment?

A patch test is always carried out 12 hours prior to treatment.

What risks are there, if any?

Any treatment carries an element of risk. Due to the nature of micro pigmentation it is more invasive as it involves pigment implantation into the skin, therefore undesired results or colour can occur along with scarring or infections.

What are the pigments made of and are they safe?

Pigments used are made of natural minerals, which are specifically selected for their safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic properties.


What if I no longer have eyebrow hair?

No brow hair, or very little is extremely common and also one of the main reasons why permanent make up is the perfect remedy for you. Hair simulation is a technique used, which will give you back natural looking hair strokes. This can also be combined with a powdered tip giving a subtle definition.

Should I bring anything to my treatment that will help?

Yes, please bring any items that are used daily, i.e. brow pencil or liners. This is helpful to see what colour tones you use and feel comfortable with.

Is it best to have my eyebrows waxed prior to treatment?

Yes, if you regularly have your eyebrows waxed, although it is not essential as its best to use and work with all your natural hair. Please ensure eyebrows are waxed 48 hours prior to your treatment.

Do all my eyebrows get shaved off in treatment?

No, keeping your own brow hair and shape is preferable.

What are 3D brows?

This is another name used in the industry, which is also known as ‘hair simulation’. A technique used to mimic your own natural hair and its direction, which give the brows a more textured result.


Should I bring anything to the treatment that will help?

Yes, please bring any items used daily, i.e lip pencils and lipsticks. This is helpful to see what colour tones you use and feel comfortable with.

I have a history of cold sores (herpes simplex); will this prevent me having treatment?

No, however, whilst permanent make up does not ‘cause’ cold sores, a known history subsequently means you carry the virus. Due to the type of procedure in permanent make up, it can be known to waken the virus, which lies dormant in the body. It is recommended you apply an antiviral drug 5 days pre treatment and 5 days post treatment to help minimize any risk.

What if I have a cold sore on the day of treatment?

A visible cold sore on the day of treatment would be recommended to postpone for at least 14 days after cold sore is totally healed.

I have just had collagen fillers in my lips, can I still have permanent make up?

Yes, providing there is no bruising or swelling to the areas and your treatment is a minimum 14 days after your collagen treatment.

Can I wax or bleach my lip prior to treatment?

If you are to wax or bleach your lip, please ensure this is carried out 14 days prior to your lip treatment.


Should I bring anything to the treatment that will help?

Yes, please bring any items used daily, ie eyeliner pencil or powder. This is helpful to see what colour tones you use and feel comfortable with.

Shall I make sure all make up is removed prior to treatment?

It is required that you arrive with no eye make up prior to treatment, but any other make up can be left or applied that day.

I’ve recently had eyelashes tinted; can I still proceed with treatment?

Yes, this also applies to eyelash perming. Providing either treatments are one week before, or two weeks after permanent makeup.

What is the difference between eyeliner & eyelash enhancement?

Eyeliner is more visible and sits just above your eyelashes. It’s a popular treatment for those that wear eyeliner pencil daily. Eyelash enhancement is subtle. Small circles of pigment are deposited in between the eyelashes. This creates a look of fuller, thicker lashes.



Is Permanent Make Up painful?

The treatment is not pain free, however due to varying thresholds of tolerance, for some this can be quite therapeutic, whereas others may feel more. Overall, it is a more gentle than people imagine.

How long is the treatment?

Please allow minimum 2 hours for your first appointment. It is important to allow enough time to ensure you are happy with the desired shape and colour selected before treatment has commenced. On your second visit 4-6 weeks later, the treatment is focused on ‘perfecting’ your healed result, therefore please allow 1 hour for this.


What if I am not happy with the colour chosen?

Your first treatment, the pigment will be darker as this fades up to 70% during its healing period. If you are still not happy with the healed result after 6 weeks, then this can be perfected on your second visit.

Are any unwanted hairs removed during treatment?

Brow hairs that exist outside your natural brow shape will be removed during treatment. This will give a stronger and defined result to your eyebrow shape.


Are Lip procedures more painful?

Lips are more sensitive compared to the brows or eyes; this is due to an increased blood supply and greater surface. A topical numbing cream can be used prior to treatment to ease any discomfort to you.

Is there just one Lip treatment available?

No, there are various options based on your desired result and lip size. Please refer to ‘Lip Treatments’ for a detailed description. All of this will be discussed in your consultation too.


I suffer with sensitive eyes, would this be a problem during treatment?

The eyes are known to be sensitive areas for this type of procedure, therefore it is quite normal for eyes to water or blink excessively. Clients tend to relax more into the treatment once they become used to it.

Is it normal to expect swelling of the eyes?

In some cases yes. If any swelling does occur this will only last up to 24 hours. Ice packs always help to minimize this.



How long is the healing process?

This can vary, but healing can take anything between 3 to 7 days surface level and 10–14 days below surface.

Can I wear make up after my treatment?

Yes, so long as you avoid the treated areas until they’ve fully healed. Mineral based cosmetics are always recommended to help minimize infection too.

Will I need to book time off work after my treatment?

No, you can return straight to work after your treatment.

Are there any products I should use to help with the healing?

You will be given Vitamin AD balm to use on your treated areas, which will help with your healing. In addition, aftercare instructions will be provided.

Should I be avoiding anything after my treatment?

Yes, only whilst your treated areas are healing. All these points are discussed in detail at your consultation and also highlighted on your aftercare instructions.


What am I to expect after my brow treatment?

Expect your eyebrows to look darker than normal straight after your treatment. The pigment goes in as a liquid, but does heal to a soft powder after 3-7 days. You may also notice some patches after your healing, please do not worry as these will be perfected on your second visit. It is also vitally important for the eyebrows to be darker initially as the pigment fades up to 70%.

My eyebrows don’t appear even?

You will never have symmetrical eyebrows due to our faces being half concave and convex. A known phrase used in this industry which is ‘brows are sisters never twins’. If you naturally have uneven eyebrows then during your first treatment these can be altered to create a more even eyebrow shape, but still in keeping with your natural hair and shape.

Do my Eyebrows become sore whilst healing?

No, they may be slightly itchy which is a natural sign in any healing process; the Vitamin AD balm will help soothe this itching. The eyebrows will become slightly hard before the surface pigment falls off, again totally normal.


How will my lips look and feel straight after treatment?

Lips will generally feel sore and there maybe slight swelling, which is normal. During the next 2 to 5 days your lips will feel dry and flaky during its healing process. The colour selected for your lips will be darker, more intense version of your preferred colour worn daily. Reason for this is due to the healing of your lips after treatment. Lips are a process; one you will most benefit from 3-4 weeks after your first treatment.

Should I avoid specific foods?

It would be advised to avoid spicy or salty foods whilst the lips are healing.


Will my eyeliner be darker than normal after treatment?

During your consultation we will discuss how thin or bold you prefer your liner to be. The colour will be more intense, sharper than you would perhaps apply yourself. During the healing process however the colour will subside and fade, giving a more natural looking result.

If my eyes swell after treatment, how long is this expected to last?

Not everyone suffers from swelling, however if you do, this will last up to 24 hours. Ice packs can help to minimize swelling.