Can anyone have this, regardless of his or her age?

can anyone have semi permanent makeup?

14 Dec Can anyone have this, regardless of his or her age?

Yes. Providing you are 18 years of age and are not contra indicated in having the treatment, this really benefits all ages.

The younger markets would have grown up with the ‘bold’ brow look, therefore are fearless when it comes to committing to this treatment as they want to wake up to perfect brows every day, they are also becoming more aware of the benefits of having their lips done too as they follow the trends of many celebrities that have received this treatment.

The middle and mature markets maybe more skeptical and quite rightly so. This is still a relatively new type of treatment they are still getting used to and yet in most cases these are the markets that would benefit mostly due to losing colour, definition and eyebrows become sparser.

Men are also a consideration for permanent make up, although typically most wear a natural complete brow than women, if they didn’t then this would be an equally demanding treatment for them.

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