Semi Permanent Lip Treatments

Whilst all the recent craze and attention has been with our eyebrows, slowly many people now are realizing the huge benefits of having their lips treated too.


Mature ladies, will notice lips start to become increasingly thin; reason for this is, as we mature the blood levels in our lips slowly recede. Permanent make up is a perfect solution to bring back your natural shape and redefine your cupids bow, in addition add volume and colour so that you always look and feel healthy.


Due to celebrity trends this is now considered a sought after treatment for all ages.

1. Your Consultation is the first and most important part of the process. This can be included as part of your initial treatment, or done separately. We will both discuss in great detail your exact requirements, which is why I hold no time threshold at this stage, as it is priority that you are comfortable and satisfied before commencing treatment. Your lips alter through the years, so to begin I pencil on your natural lip shape, this means going right up to your vermillion border (your natural lip line). Depending on how much your lips have receded in colour, your lips will immediately look fuller. You would have brought in 3 of your favourite lip-glosses, which will help when selecting your new lip colour.


2. Your Treatment involves small tiny particles of pigment being deposited into your skin by using very fine needles. For most if not all, this is not a painful procedure, you will feel vibrations on the skin from the needle not discomfort. I do appreciate everyone is different, therefore I can work on small areas at a time plus allow breaks should this be required. On average I spend 60 -90 minutes on the actual treatment, but this can at times be slightly longer depending on your requirements. Your lips may appear slightly swollen straight after treatment, this will soon dissipate but its advised not to plan any social activities for a day or so. Your colour will remain bold until they have fully healed, then over the next few weeks you will start to see your colour develop as the pigment finds its permanent home. The healed colour will be a soft example of your original choice.


3. Your Retouch is provided 5-6 weeks after your first treatment. This is a great opportunity to analyse your lips once healed. Reason for the duration in between is to ensure your skin has fully healed before treating the area once again. Your colour may also be reconsidered as many clients do usually opt for darker on their retouch, this will be due to a confidence boost as they would have experienced the healing process. After your retouch, this completes your whole treatment procedure and you will leave feeling very happy with your new admired lip shape.

Using the best pigment colours, which provide you with longer, lasting results. Lips can so easily recede in colour, and as a result we look pale and lose that all-important contrast. Bring back that fabulous cupids bow and start to look and feel confident with renewed colour and definition. Don’t forget to bring three of your favourite lip-glosses too!


Full Lip Colour Blush – £345

Pigment will redefine your natural lip line and shape; colour is then skillfully blended providing you with full lip colour. Perfect for those with small or thin lips. Price also includes your retouch.


Half Lip Colour Blush – £295

Pigment will redefine your natural lip line and shape; colour is then skillfully blended providing you with half lip coverage. Ideal treatment for those with fuller lips. Price also includes your retouch.


Patch Test to be Carried Out 12 hours Prior to Treatment

Pre-Treatment Questions


Q: Should I bring anything to the treatment that will help?

A: Yes, please bring any items used daily, i.e lip pencils and lipsticks. This is helpful to see what colour tones you use and feel comfortable with.


Q: I have a history of cold sores (herpes simplex); will this prevent me having treatment?

A: No, however, whilst permanent make up does not ‘cause’ cold sores, a known history subsequently means you carry the virus. Due to the type of procedure in permanent make up, it can be known to waken the virus, which lies dormant in the body. It is recommended you apply an antiviral drug 5 days pre treatment and 5 days post treatment to help minimize any risk.


Q: What if I have a cold sore on the day of treatment?

A: A visible cold sore on the day of treatment would be recommended to postpone for at least 14 days after cold sore is totally healed.


Q: I have just had collagen fillers in my lips, can I still have permanent make up?

A: Yes, providing there is no bruising or swelling to the areas and your treatment is a minimum 14 days after your collagen treatment.


Q: Can I wax or bleach my lip prior to treatment?

A: If you are to wax or bleach your lip, please ensure this is carried out 14 days prior to your lip treatment.


During Treatment Questions


Q: Are Lip procedures more painful?

A: Lips are more sensitive compared to the brows or eyes; this is due to an increased blood supply and greater surface. A topical numbing cream can be used prior to treatment to ease any discomfort to you.


Q: Is there just one Lip treatment available?

A: No, there are various options based on your desired result and lip size. Please refer to ‘Lip Treatments’ for a detailed description. All of this will be discussed in your consultation too.


Post-Treatment Questions


Q: How will my lips look and feel straight after treatment?

A: Lips will generally feel sore and there maybe slight swelling, which is normal. During the next 2 to 5 days your lips will feel dry and flaky during its healing process. The colour selected for your lips will be darker, more intense version of your preferred colour worn daily. Reason for this is due to the healing of your lips after treatment. Lips are a process; one you will most benefit from 3-4 weeks after your first treatment.


Q: Should I avoid specific foods?

A: It would be advised to avoid spicy or salty foods whilst the lips are healing.

Booking online allows you to select a date and time best suited to yourself.


Simply select your chosen treatment and then your preferred date and you will be shown available time slots to you on that day. Once you have selected your time, please continue to complete the booking form. You will then be asked to pay £50 (non refundable) deposit which secures your booking.


A patch test will be directly posted out to you which should be completed 12 hours prior to your treatment. Please refer to our video of how to complete a patch test.


The Beauty Artist would like to thank you for your booking and we look forward to meeting you in person.

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