Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Once upon a time, fashion trends dictated you to only wear eyebrows THIN. For many ladies this meant plucking most if not all of their eyebrow hair, to find it never grew back. Today, eyebrows couldn’t be more different, the bolder the better especially for the younger market.


HD Brows have clearly demonstrated that by redefining shape and colour to your eyebrows, this will improve and strengthen contrast between our features, which unfortunately deteriorate as we mature. Your eyes become perfectly framed due to your eyebrow being more visible and totally significant.


Semi Permanent make-up is a long term solution for all of you that would like to create a new brow template which best suits your facial dimensions and a colour which best compliments your hair and skin tones. No more excuses for insignificant eyebrows, regardless of your age or sex.

1. Your Consultation is the first and most important part of the process. This can be included as part of your initial treatment, or done separately. We will both discuss in great detail your exact requirements, this is why I hold no time threshold at this stage as it is priority you are comfortable and satisfied before commencing treatment. Your eyebrow shape will firstly be penciled in based on your natural facial dimensions, then slowly and carefully, with your interaction, these will be customized based on how you would like your new eyebrow shape vs how you wear these daily. Only when you are happy with your new shape, do we then select the correct pigment colours based on your skin tone and hair colour.


2. Your Treatment involves small tiny particles of pigment being deposited into your skin by using very fine needles. For most if not all, this is not a painful procedure, you will feel vibrations on the skin from the needle not discomfort. I do appreciate everyone is different, therefore I can work on small areas at a time plus allow breaks should this be required. On average I spend an hour on the actual treatment, but this can at times be slightly longer depending on your requirements. Once your treatment has ended, expect your eyebrows to look 40-50% darker, this is perfectly normal due to the colour fading once they have healed, which takes 5-7 days.


3. Your Retouch is provided 5-6 weeks after your first treatment. This is a great opportunity to analyse your eyebrows once healed. Reason for the duration in between is to ensure your skin has fully healed before treating the area once again. Your colour may also be reconsidered as many clients do usually opt for darker on their retouch, this will be due to a confidence boost as they would have experienced the healing process. After your retouch, this completes your whole treatment procedure and you will leave feeling very happy with your new admired eyebrow shape.

An altogether bespoke treatment, which delivers a soft powdered finish, including a hair detailing effect. Results are very natural, leaving you with perfected brows.


Treatment including retouch – £295


Patch Test to be Carried Out 12 hours Prior to Treatment

Pre-Treatment Questions


Q: What if I no longer have eyebrow hair?

A: No brow hair, or very little is extremely common and also one of the main reasons why permanent make up is the perfect remedy for you. Hair simulation is a technique used, which will give you back natural looking hair strokes. This can also be combined with a powdered tip giving a subtle definition.


Q: Should I bring anything to my treatment that will help?

A: Yes, please bring any items that are used daily, i.e. brow pencil or liners. This is helpful to see what colour tones you use and feel comfortable with.


Q: Is it best to have my eyebrows waxed prior to treatment?

A: Yes, if you regularly have your eyebrows waxed, although it is not essential as its best to use and work with all your natural hair. Please ensure eyebrows are waxed 48 hours prior to your treatment.


Q: Do all my eyebrows get shaved off in treatment?

A: No, keeping your own brow hair and shape is preferable.


Q: What are 3D brows?

A: This is another name used in the industry, which is also known as ‘hair simulation’. A technique used to mimic your own natural hair and its direction, which give the brows a more textured result.


During Treatment Questions


Q: What if I am not happy with the colour chosen?

A: Your first treatment, the pigment will be darker as this fades up to 70% during its healing period. If you are still not happy with the healed result after 6 weeks, then this can be perfected on your second visit.


Q: Are any unwanted hairs removed during treatment?

A: Brow hairs that exist outside your natural brow shape will be removed during treatment. This will give a stronger and defined result to your eyebrow shape.


Post-Treatment Questions


Q: What am I to expect after my brow treatment?

A: Expect your eyebrows to look darker than normal straight after your treatment. The pigment goes in as a liquid, but does heal to a soft powder after 3-7 days. You may also notice some patches after your healing, please do not worry as these will be perfected on your second visit. It is also vitally important for the eyebrows to be darker initially as the pigment fades up to 70%.


Q: My eyebrows don’t appear even?

A: You will never have symmetrical eyebrows due to our faces being half concave and convex. A known phrase used in this industry which is ‘brows are sisters never twins’. If you naturally have uneven eyebrows then during your first treatment these can be altered to create a more even eyebrow shape, but still in keeping with your natural hair and shape.


Q: Do my Eyebrows become sore whilst healing?

A: No, they may be slightly itchy which is a natural sign in any healing process; the Vitamin AD balm will help soothe this itching. The eyebrows will become slightly hard before the surface pigment falls off, again totally normal.

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