Semi Permanent Eye Treatments

Eyelash enhancement is a desirable choice for all that would like to thicken the appearance of their eyelashes. It is very subtle and naturally pretty.


Eyeliners create a soft or a slightly more bold natural line above your eyelashes. This is a fashion trend, which has never gone out of date and it will always leave your eyes receiving nothing but positive attention.

1. Your Consultation is the first and most important part of the process. This can be included as part of your initial treatment, or done separately. We will both discuss in great detail your exact requirements, this is why I hold no time threshold at this stage as it is priority you are comfortable and satisfied before commencing treatment.


2. Your Treatment involves small tiny particles of pigment being deposited into your skin by using very fine needles. For most if not all, this is not a painful procedure, you will feel vibrations on the skin from the needle not discomfort. I do appreciate everyone is different, therefore I can work on small areas at a time plus allow breaks should this be required. On average I spend an hour on the actual treatment, but this can at times be slightly longer depending on your requirements. Your eyes maybe slightly puffy and sensitive immediately after treatment but will soon dissipate.


3. Your Retouch is provided 5-6 weeks after your first treatment. This is a great opportunity to analyse your eyeliner once healed. Reason for the duration in between is to ensure your skin has fully healed before treating the area once again.

Choose either a naturally pretty eyelash enhancement, for a subtle enhancement to the naked eye, or a soft natural line where you wake up every day to perfectly placed eye definition. All pigment colours provide long, lasting results.


Eyelash Enhancement (upper or lower*)  – £249


Eyeliner (upper or lower*)

Thin – £295

Bold – £349


* For both upper and lower please add £100 to any of the above.


All prices include your retouch.


Patch Test to be Carried Out 12 hours Prior to Treatment

Pre-Treatment Questions


Q: Should I bring anything to the treatment that will help?
A: Yes, please bring any items used daily, ie eyeliner pencil or powder. This is helpful to see what colour tones you use and feel comfortable with.


Q: Shall I make sure all make up is removed prior to treatment?

A: It is required that you arrive with no eye make up prior to treatment, but any other make up can be left or applied that day.


Q: I’ve recently had eyelashes tinted; can I still proceed with treatment?

A: Yes, this also applies to eyelash perming. Providing either treatments are one week before, or two weeks after permanent makeup.


Q: What is the difference between eyeliner & eyelash enhancement?
A: Eyeliner is more visible and sits just above your eyelashes. It’s a popular treatment for those that wear eyeliner pencil daily. Eyelash enhancement is subtle. Small circles of pigment are deposited in between the eyelashes. This creates a look of fuller, thicker lashes.


During Treatment Questions


Q: I suffer with sensitive eyes, would this be a problem during treatment?
A: The eyes are known to be sensitive areas for this type of procedure, therefore it is quite normal for eyes to water or blink excessively. Clients tend to relax more into the treatment once they become used to it.


Q: Is it normal to expect swelling of the eyes?
A: In some cases yes. If any swelling does occur this will only last up to 24 hours. Ice packs always help to minimize this.


Post-Treatment Questions


Q: Will my eyeliner be darker than normal after treatment?
A: During your consultation we will discuss how thin or bold you prefer your liner to be. The colour will be more intense, sharper than you would perhaps apply yourself. During the healing process however the colour will subside and fade, giving a more natural looking result.


Q: If my eyes swell after treatment, how long is this expected to last?
A: Not everyone suffers from swelling, however if you do, this will last up to 24 hours. Ice packs can help to minimize swelling.

Booking online allows you to select a date and time best suited to yourself.


Simply select your chosen treatment and then your preferred date and you will be shown available time slots to you on that day. Once you have selected your time, please continue to complete the booking form. You will then be asked to pay £50 (non refundable) deposit which secures your booking.


A patch test will be directly posted out to you which should be completed 12 hours prior to your treatment. Please refer to our video of how to complete a patch test.


The Beauty Artist would like to thank you for your booking and we look forward to meeting you in person.

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