Michelle D Lip Treatment

About This Project

Michelle wore very little make up on a daily basis and was extremely nervous before her treatment. You can see from Michelle’s lips before her treatment that they had receded in colour and her top lip especially lacked any shape. This is quite common as we mature, which is why permanent make up is such a great choice. I am able to work right up to the lip border, brining back your natural shape. Michelle was originally nervous as it was explained if you choose a colour that’s too light then the final results will not be as visible, therefore going a bit darker will make so much difference. Straight after Michelle’s first treatment you can see such amazing results. On Michelle’s retouch, as she retained colour well, we were able to go a bit lighter.


Michelle said:

Very happy with my lip colour and the final results. I was very nervous to start with as I never wear that much make up, but Michele put me at ease and I immediately trusted her. I’m simply over the moon with my new lip shape and colour and as soon as my colour boost is needed I will be booking in with Michele once again. Would definitely recommend!