07 Jan Teresa H Eyebrow Treatment

Teresa had naturally lovely brows which had colour and shape, although due to her strong features and eye colour, Teresa wanted to wear her brows slightly thicker but it was very important to her that these remained natural looking. The beauty of powdered brows with...

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06 Jan Melanie J Eyebrow Treatment

Melanie had such a vibrant eye colour that her natural eyebrows were really not enhancing these. Also, whilst Melanie did have a nice natural shape and plenty of brow hair, she felt they were a little too arched and wanted them made a little straighter....

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06 Jan Bev S Eyebrow Treatment

Beverley had experienced semi permanent make up before but this was many years ago, therefore any signs of previous work was no longer visible. Also Beverley had very few natural hairs remaining, which gave her no real shape or definition. You can see from her...

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06 Jan Amanda C Eyebrow Treatment

You will see from Amanda’s before photo that she already had a natural complimentary shape to her eyebrows. We did discuss that one was slightly higher than the other, which is very common, however, Amanda’s ideal brow was to wear these darker and thicker than...

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