Micro Pigmentation or Micro Blading?


08 Jan Micro Pigmentation or Micro Blading?

Eyebrows really are such a high trend and demand these days that we are now seeing more and more treatments being offered. Yes this is great news for the consumer due to having a wider choice, but this can also be equally confusing when selecting the right treatment for you. Lately there has been a few articles relating to a treatment called ‘micro blading’ and many of you have been asking how this compares to micro pigmentation (semi permanent make up) and whether this is a better option for you?

Micro blading is a 21st century treatment and a new method of tattooing. Whilst many of us craze new trends, it would be recommended and safer to give this time to see the real benefits of this treatment. Micro pigmentation has been offered for more than a decade therefore we are able to research this in more detail and compare the variations carried out over the years. More importantly, we know it’s a safe procedure, how results heal after treatment and on average how long this will last the individual.

Instead of using a digital machine to deposit pigment, micro blading is a manual method. It requires the use of a small blade, which is 3 times thinner than the needles used in tattooing. Reason for this is the blade creates individual crisp hair strokes creating a natural looking brow. If performed correctly, the procedure is almost painless, as the technician will aid discomfort by using a numbing cream.

The procedure is not dissimilar to micro pigmentation, however it is still early days to review full testimonials on clients satisfaction of how this effect looks once it has fully healed and how long this will last in order to provide a direct comparison to micro pigmentation.

At The Beauty Artist we offer a bespoke eyebrow, this means we discuss in detail what would be the right eyebrow for you. Whilst I offer 3D hair strokes (or hair simulation), personally I have found these have not healed as well as the powdered brow, nor does it look as natural. It is best considered to use hair detailing in specific areas rather than create a whole brow using hair strokes.

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