Choosing the right Permanent Make Up Technician – What you need to know

choosing permanent technician

14 Dec Choosing the right Permanent Make Up Technician – What you need to know

Competition is at an all time high due to this ever increasing and popular treatment, whilst this may be good for the consumer as they can choose from so many, it can also be daunting as they want and need to feel reassured and comfortable they have selected the right technician for them. So how can this be achieved?

Firstly the cost of the treatment, I know this can vary massively throughout the UK, from as little as £99 to £800 for permanent make up. This alone can confuse many people. There is a saying in the industry, ‘you get what you pay for’, therefore cheap is not always going to be the best. This is a big investment and is your face, therefore please be wary of cheap pricing. There maybe a reason they charge so little, it maybe they have low overheads or they are new and need to carry out case studies, but to be sure, always take a look at their work they have carried out already. Pricing should reflect the skill and experience of the technician.

Asking the technician about their training is also essential. Permanent make up is a skilled trade and requires in depth training. This treatment has and continues to evolve hugely due to its demand; therefore you want to ensure your technician is up-to-date with their training and knowledge.

All technicians should be insured and registered. You can check this with your local authority. Thorough checks would have been carried out not just with the technician, but also their place of practice. Health and safety is not to be disregarded. If they do not hold a license and should anything go wrong then the likelihood is their insurance will be invalidated.

Lastly, the technician themselves. You are paying for a complete service from start to finish. They may tick all the relevant boxes for you to proceed with treatment, whilst this gives you confidence; you also want to feel acknowledged and comfortable in their hands. Rapport is very important along with your happiness.

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